Greytown Office Machines DSL Useage Tracker

This page will assist in determining your DSL useage for a specified month. To see the data collected for your DSL account, please enter your complete user name in the format - and select a month to view from the list provided. Results are shown in Gigabytes for which 1 Gigabyte is equal to 1000,000,000 bytes, hence large decimal places are used. DSL cap size is measured in 1 Gigabyte increments.

Please ensure the Calling Number is your own telephone number. User names and passwords can be hijacked in which case you are paying for someone else to transfer data! If any number but your own appears here, please contact Greytown Office Machines to have your username and password changed.

Having more than 3 or 4 sessions per day may indicate that your line is disconnecting at frequent intervals. This is normally due to bad line quality. Any more than six per day can become an irritation and should be reported to Telkom.

Month Totals For User NameSent Gigabytes Received GigabytesTotal Gigabytes
Report generated for user name - Generated on Tuesday July 23 2019

The Above figures are totals from the following session entries.
Session IdTime StampCalling
Session Total